1-60. Define a variable and then write and solve an equation for the problem below. Remember that you canuse the 5-D Process (described in the Lesson 1.1.3 Math Notes box) to help you get started. State yoursolution in a sentence.Todd is 10 years older than Jamal. The sum of their ages is 64. How old are Todd and Jamal?Describe/Draw DefineDecideDeclareDo

Accepted Solution

5D process?  Gimme a break.We'll skip the first box; the description of the problem is pretty self explanatory.Define t as Todd's age, j as Jamal's age.The description tells ust = 10 + jt + j = 64Do.  We solve by substituting for t in the second equation,10 + j + j = 642j = 54j = 27t = 10 + j = 37Decide.  Not sure what I'm supposed to decide here; I decided I'm done.  Maybe this is where we check it.37 = 10 + 27, good on that 27 + 37 = 64, good on thatDeclare:Jamal's age is 27 and Todd's age is 37.