As the end of the term approached, Hakim became increasingly anxious about failing calculus and losing his scholarship His best friend, who had taken the class the semester before, reminded Hakim that he'd aced every exam thus far, and that the final would cover the same topics. This example BEST illustratesA) emotional support.B) instrumental support.C) informational support.D) appraisal support.

Accepted Solution

Answer:D.Appraisal supportStep-by-step explanation:Social relationships are upheld through offering social supports with intention of being helpful to the receiver.It can be in form of emotional ., instrumental, informational and appraisal.In emotional social support, the sender expresses his empathy, love and care to the receiver.Occurs when you give hope to a friend by offering a listening ear.Instrumental social support involves offering a tangible help or service to the receiver.You can decide to perform dishes while your sister attends a salon appointment to fix her hair.Informational support is all about giving advise, information and suggestions concerning the issue.Appraisal social support is where you offer information vital for self-evaluation.For example, Hakim's best friend reminds Hakim that his performance in the previous Calculus exams was good so he should be positive about passing the final exam as it will cover similar topics.