Find the value of 7 + 3² (-5 + 1) ÷ 2.

Accepted Solution

Hello! :)Answer:[tex]\boxed{-11}[/tex]*The answer must have A NEGATIVE SIGN ONLY!*Step-by-step explanation:Order of operationsPEMDASParenthesisExponentsMultiplyDivideAddSubtractLeft/RightFirst, you do parenthesis.(-5+1)=-47+3²(-4)÷2Then, you do exponent.3²=3*3=97+9(-4)÷2Multiply/Divide numbers from left/right.9*4=36 it change positive to negative sign.-36÷2=187-18Add/Subtract numbers from left/right.7-18=-11[tex]\boxed{-11}[/tex], is the final answer.Hope this helps you!Have a nice day! :):D-CharlieThank you so much! :)