A support wire is attached to the top of a tower that is 65 feet tall as shown. If the wire makes an angle of 34 degree with the ground, then what is its length to the nearest foot?

Accepted Solution

length of wire = 116 ft

The attached image shows a diagram on the scenario given.

Now, we can note that the string forms a right-angled triangle with the tower and the ground. This means that special trig functions can be applied.
These functions are as follows:
sin θ = opposite / hypotenuse
cos θ = adjacent / hypotenuse
tan θ = opposite / adjacent

Now, from the given, we can find that:
θ = 34°
opposite is the tower = 65 ft
hypotenuse is the string length that we want to find

Substitute with the givens in the sin function to get the length of string as follows:
sin (34) = 65 / string
string = 65 / sin(34)
string = 116.2 which is approximately 116 ft

Hope this helps :)