Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If th equation has no real number solution, write no solution. X^2 + 7 = 0

Accepted Solution

The equation x² + 7 = 0 has no solution

1- using graph:
To solve the equation means graphically means to find the x-intercepts.
The attached image shows the graph of the given function.
We can note that there are no x-intercepts. This means that the given function has no real solutions

2- using algebra:
To solve the equation algebraically means to find the values of x that would make the equation equal to zero.
Solving the given equation, we would find that:
x² + 7 = 0
x² = -7
x = ± √-7
The square root of a negative number will always give imaginary values. This means that the equation has no real solutions

Hope this helps :)