Omar has a gift card for $40.00 at a gift shop. Omar wants to buy a hat for himself for $13.50. For his friends, he would like to buy souvenir bracelets, which are $3.25 each. All prices include taxes.Which inequality can be used to solve for how many bracelets Omar can buy?

Accepted Solution

Answer:i) 3.25x ≀ 26.50ii) Omar can buy 8 bracelets.Step-by-step explanation:Omar has a gift card for $40.00.Omar bought a hat for $13.50The remaining amount he has = $40.00 - $13.50 = $26.50He would like to buy souvenir bracelets for his friends.Each cost = $3.25Let "x" be the number of bracelets can buy.3.25x ≀ 26.50Now we have to solve the inequality.Dividing both sides by 3.25, we get[tex]\frac{3.25x}{3.25} \leq \frac{26.50}{3.25}[/tex]x ≀ 8.15The bracelets cannot be in decimal form.So we have to round off to nearest whole number.x ≀ 8Therefore, Omar can buy 8 bracelets.