The diagram shows corresponding lengths in two similar figures. Find the area of the smaller figure. A. 14.4 yd2 B. 24 yd2 C. 26.4 yd2 D. 28

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. 24 yd^2Step-by-step explanation:Let A denote the area of the smaller figure:We can determine the ratio of both lengths and areas as: 3:5 :: A:40As the areas of figures vary directly with their lengths and widths so the proportion will be direct proportion. Converting into fractions will give us:3/5 = A/40Now we have to find the value of A for the area of smaller figure.Cross multiplication will give us:3*40 = 5A=> 120 = 5A=> 120/5 = 5A/5So,A = 24 yd^2So, Option B is the correct answer ..